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about sky sky

Sky was born and raised in Los Angeles where she started her journey into this special gift of life. At an early age, she knew she wanted to be performer, so she went to ballet schools and trained extensively in dance, gymnastics, and acting. Sky earned her SAG membership in 2005 at the time when she was busy working under Osbrink Talent Agency.

. As she got more involved in school, she put a pause on her child acting career to finish school and promised herself that she would get back into it after. While in school, fashion became an influential factor in her life, which lead to growing more active on social media.

After graduating high school, Sky took a breather from academics and stayed in Tokyo for several months. Upon returning, she enrolled in Santa Monica College in hopes to transfer to UCLA. With her handwork and determination, she successfully transferred to UCLA. During this time, she started working closely for the fashion/ music brand called [ESQAPE], and is still a major part of it till this day.


She also discovered her new passion towards music. Instead of buying a new car, she invested in CDJs + mixer and practiced until she was good to DJ parties and such. In only a year, Sky quickly turned into a local favorite and played weekly in the LA warehouse party scene. 

By the time it was her last year at UCLA, she decided that she wanted to pursue a new career in music, which made getting a college degree not even necessary anymore. However, she wanted to finish what she started and just hustle to complete the remainder of her units. Little did she know that her decision to stay in school was extremely vital. In her last quarter, she took 2 electives, being Astronomy and Japanese Buddhism, that changed her life. She fell in love with studying deep space and the nature of the Universe. 


Sky graduated in 2018 with a BA in Communications. For the first time in her life, she entered a new chapter inner life that was free from school. It was a hard transition, but she realized that music was her passion and the only thing that saves her from sadness and loneliness. So she figured out a way to express all of her ideas about the world, science, and philosophy through her art.


Learning about deep space and celestial objects has become her key inspiration that creates her music, visuals, and philosophy. It has lead to what is now the current branding of Sky Sky.


After only a month from purchasing Ableton 10, Sky produced her first track. Not having taken a single music class before, she managed to self-teach herself without letting the lack of knowledge discourage her. As music classes were unaffordable, she had no other choice than to dedicate countless hours of work in learning music production, which was nothing near a chore but a salvation to her mind. Music, in fact, gives her such a fulfilling and rewarding gift that it lights up her life and mental well-being, erasing all traces of loneliness and disorientation.


Just a little girl with big dreams.

The Journey continues...

Mission SKY SKY is in activation.

3, 2, 1... Blast off 🚀

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