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Deep Space Technique

When you look deep into the sky,

it's like nothing matters anymore.

This method was developed by Sky as a way to alleviate stress, to guide the mind into a more positive thinking, and to promote an overall mental well-being by using her love and understanding of the nature of the Universe. 



Even if you're not into Space, the key concepts will apply to everyone.

Just skip to 'STEP 4' and read from there.




Find a quiet and peaceful place outside to sit. 

Although, it doesn't have to be outside, make sure that you have a clear view of the sky. Make sure to also be alone, as it is going to be an internal process.

Spending time with yourself is very important. 



Once you are positioned comfortably, relax your heart rate by taking in 5 deep inhales and exhales.

After the last breath, focus your vision up into the sky.

Stare deep into its vast space, and allow your gaze to get lost into it.



Now think about our place in this world by considering these points:

Imagine if you were to write a postcard to another being in the cosmos, do you know how to give them directions?

You would write (for an example):


We are just a little spec of beautiful star dust in this cosmic array of stars. 

The Universe is 13.8 billion years old, and it has been calculated that the Universe may end in 10^92 years, which is called the Dark Era or eternal darkness.

Humans have only been existing for roughly 200,000 years. Thats nothing compare to the timeline of this Universe we live in.

Think about why our Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Did you know that we are getting farther and farther away from galaxies around us... but what's the point of this? Why does the Universe have to grow so fast and leave us so isolated?



The reason why  we raise these specific questions as the main function of this technique is because when we think such phenomenon, our problems on Earth don't match up to all that is going on out there. 

It gives us a humbling effect.

So when you think about whatever issue in your life that is causing you unhappiness and/or pain, it's a little belittling compared to the entire Universe.


how this works

You might think, all this outer space stuff doesn't have any direct affect on me, so why should I even have to worry about stuff like that?

How is thinking about the galaxies in space going to help me through my break up, or help me overcome my addiction, or get my job back, or etc ?

You're right.

 There is no direct affect on you, but in just acknowledging what is out there and understanding your place, it can help distance you away from the problems you are facing.

It's so easy to just bottle ourselves up in this little world and think that we are the only thing that exists.

We are connected and are part of the entire Universe whether you don't care about it or not.

Don't mistaken that this is to forget about and ignore your problems because that doesn't help. This is to move you into a better headspace.

This technique trains your perception.

It's all about perception.

You are your own source of happiness!!

Just thinking about the stars bring such a tranquil mental state and almost gives you the transcending feeling of becoming distant from the ridiculous problems we have on this planet. 


Hope this helps even if by 1% .

Whatever you're going through, you are not alone.


Everyone has their own problems in different areas and on different scales.

There's always someone else suffering more than you.

Nothing is forever.

Even this entire Universe will die someday :[

So the pain you are feeling right now will subdue with time, just as everything else does. 

So this little exercise is to keep you pushing through.


Know that Sky Sky loves you.


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